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July 21st 2012

Yes, the day I made my promise in front of God that I will forever be a loving wife.. It was a beautiful day! After 10 years, we finally got married

Cheers to love!


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The Lions Mane Jellyfish is the largest jellyfish in the world. They have been swimming in arctic waters since before the dinosaurs (over 650 million years ago) and are among some of the oldest surviving species in the world.

The largest can come in at about 6 meters and has tentacles over 50 meters long. Pretty amazing when you think these things have been swimming around for so long.

They have hundreds of poisonous tentacles that it used to catch passing by fish. it then slowly drags in it’s prey and eats it. 

That is terrifying. 

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Beauty Secret

Here are some beauty secrets that I’ve learned for the past years through experience, research, friends and family.. This is just something that I enjoy doing, and it has been working out well for my skin.. So I hope these benefit you too!



I have dry/combination skin, so I always moisturize well. Always drink lots of water to hydrate your skin! I would recommend any moisturizer, but one that has worked well for me is CLINIQUE’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. They’re fairly inexpensive, and lasts a long time!

Make-up Remover

I have searched long and hard for the perfect make-up remover, and I went through a LOT! The best one in the market (especially for the waterproof mascaras) is LANCOME’s BI-FACIL, Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover

But, I have found the inexpensive ones that work wonders, and easy on your pockets. Mary Kay’s Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover, and Make Up For Ever’s Sens’Eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser. These work really well, and I use waterproof eyeliner and mascara!


Since my skin gets really dry sometimes, I always like to use cream cleansers. This is a new addition to my beauty routine, and I love it! POND’S Cold Cream. The proper way to use it is to spread a generous amount on your face (unwashed, dry - with make-up on) and massage it with your fingers. You can choose to leave it for a while, or you can immediately wipe it down with tissue paper. All the dirt and make-up will melt away. Then take a warm face wash cloth, and clean all over the face to ensure that all the make up is gone.


It’s good to scrub off all dead skin cells once a week to brighten up your complexion, so your skin will look healthier.. you should not scrub too often because then you will dry out your skin! Any scrubs will work just fine, even regular SUGAR you have in your kitchen cabinet. Just take enough and use it as a scrub. I usually wash it down with cool water instead, so the sugar does not melt and stick on my face. I also opt to add some HONEY for a little moisturizer.


My favourite mask is BLISS triple oxygen instant energizing mask. I put this on twice a week, so it refreshes my face and gives me an oxygen boost. This mask gives my face a little break from all the make-up I use everyday. Plus, it smells very refreshing!

Another favourite that I have is oatmeal honey mask that I whip up from scratch. Mix up OATMEAL and HONEY, and add a little bit of warm water so you can mix it well. Spread it all over your face and wait until it dries up. This mask is supposed to calm your skin down from any irritations, or sunburns. (Also, yogurt is also good to cool down your skin from sunburns or bug bites) 

Enjoy =) 

oh my!

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VOGUE On The Royal Wedding Dress



Catherine Middleton and Sarah Burton have successfully kept the best-guarded secret in fashion history. The incredibly moving moment when the new Duchess of Cambridge stepped out of her car in an Alexander McQueen dress was the fantasy everyone in fashion has been dreaming would come true.

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It’s a beautiful dress and and nice tribute, but if you didn’t tell me it was McQueen I’d never believe it!

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